Intelligent GPS tracking for boat and jet ski rental businesses

, GPS Tracking for Boats & Jet-Skis


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, GPS Tracking for Boats & Jet-Skis


Simplify your boat rental operation – and manage it with peace-of-mind


Track every trip – and make sure the renters comply with your rules and safety regulations


Be Safe – and reduce boating accidents, thefts, downtime, and repair costs

, GPS Tracking for Boats & Jet-Skis

Successful boat & jet ski rental operators trust WAIV

WAIV is super easy to use, and we built WAIV specifically for boat rental businesses.

Leading boat rental operators rave about WAIV’s industry-specific features and tell us how game-changing WAIV is.

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Improve your customer service with accurate real-time tracking

Real-time tracking helps you provide better service to your customers by reducing wait times, providing accurate estimates,  and keep track of your inventory at all times.

You’re also able to look at the historic path for each trip, and show it to your customers if needed.

, GPS Tracking for Boats & Jet-Skis

Keep your team effective and responsive with smart automatic text alerts

, GPS Tracking for Boats & Jet-Skis

Geofenced Speeding Alerts

Set up geofences that alert you about various events. If a boat exceeds a speed limit, enters a no-go zone, or leaves the dock after business hours, you’ll be the first to know.

, GPS Tracking for Boats & Jet-Skis

Returning Vessel Alerts

WAIV increases efficiency and simplifies team management. Your team can multitask and still be ready and waiting when a boat returns to port.

, GPS Tracking for Boats & Jet-Skis

Push-Button Alerts

Young sailors often don’t carry their mobile phones on Sabots and Lasers. Sailing schools and parents love the added safety of WAIV’s push-button alerts.

, GPS Tracking for Boats & Jet-Skis

Capsize Alert

Get immediate alerts when boats or jet-skis invert or capsize with WAIV’s patented system. Keep your customers safe, avoid costly engine damage, and limit sea-tow expenses.

Compatible across all brands and boat types. Past, present and future models.

Introducing WAIV's SoundAlertSystem™

WAIV trackers with our new SoundAlertSystem trigger loud sirens when boats enter no-go zones and exceed speed limits.

We’re proud to unveil WAIV’s new patent-pending SoundAlertSystem™. This feature improves safety, reduces collisions, prevents stranding, and limits costly boat repairs.

WAIV’s SoundAlertSystem™ is easy to use. These simple and effective alerts help renters maintain proper speeds and avoid running boats aground.

In addition to safety and savings, your teams will be more efficient with SoundAlertSystem™. They can handle other tasks instead of constantly monitoring boats and calling up renters who stray into unsafe areas. Boaters who don’t follow the rules will be alerted without increasing your workload.

, GPS Tracking for Boats & Jet-Skis
, GPS Tracking for Boats & Jet-Skis

One easy app for your entire team

Your entire team can use our simple and powerful app. For staff members from seasonal dock hands to site managers, WAIV requires little or no training.

Set individual permission levels so each team member gets only the alerts they need to know about.

The cloud-based WAIV app runs on most computers, tablets, and smartphones without complicated installations.

Try WAIV with no risk!

, GPS Tracking for Boats & Jet-Skis

30-day money back guarantee

Buying WAIV is fully risk-free. We offer a 30-day money back guarantee. First time customer may return up to 5 devices even if they have been actively used on boats during the 30-day period.

, GPS Tracking for Boats & Jet-Skis

Solar-powered & easy to install

WAIV is a solar-powered system. That means simple installations (and uninstalls) with no wires to connect! You can simply bolt down the device or attach it with 3M Dual-Lock self-adhesive waterproof fastener.

Give WAIV a try. If you don’t like it, simply remove the units and send them back. No wires attached - no strings attached!

, GPS Tracking for Boats & Jet-Skis
, GPS Tracking for Boats & Jet-Skis

Grow your business with our powerful features

Ready to grow your business? WAIV provides all you need to manage and expand your boat rental operation.

, GPS Tracking for Boats & Jet-Skis


Easily add members to your fleet account. Give managers advanced permissions for new boats and geofences. Let staff members access boat views and text alerts - but not the entire system.

, GPS Tracking for Boats & Jet-Skis


Quickly toggle between rental locations in the app and only view boats in selected areas.

, GPS Tracking for Boats & Jet-Skis


Toggle between English and Spanish with a click of a button. Nuestra aplicación es completamente bilingüe…

, GPS Tracking for Boats & Jet-Skis


Our latest GPS tracker supports 4G LTE CAT-M1, NB-IoT, and 2G GSM cellular connectivity, for the best possible network coverage. Our trackers are not locked to a particular operator.

, GPS Tracking for Boats & Jet-Skis


We’ve designed our trackers to be able to operate in areas with poor mobile connectivity. When the connection is lost, GPS data is stored in the trackers memory. Our intelligent algorithms will find the best possible frequency band, and upload the GPS tracks as soon as possible.

, GPS Tracking for Boats & Jet-Skis


WAIV means no wires to connect. Say goodbye to messy silicone pastes and other risky electrical waterproofing methods.

, GPS Tracking for Boats & Jet-Skis


Our hardware is hermetically sealed. It can handle extreme conditions - both above and below the waterline.

, GPS Tracking for Boats & Jet-Skis


No sun? No problem. Our GPS trackers last from a few days to a few weeks on a single charge. They also charge on cloudy days. Because Waiv uses Qi wireless charging, you can simply place these units on a regular charging pad.

Our WAIV XStream Product Line

, GPS Tracking for Boats & Jet-Skis


WAIV XStream SAS (SoundAlertSystem) is our top solar powered, water-proof GPS tracker. It’s designed to make GPS tracking easy for boat and jet-ski rental operations, by providing a full system tailored to the needs of your business.

The WAIV XStream SAS includes our built-in sound alert system which tells the customer that they’re breaking the rules when speeding or entering a no-go zone. It reduces friction with the customer and keeps your fleet safe.

The WAIV XStream SAS also includes all the features from our popular standard version, the WAIV XStream Lite

WAIV XStream Lite

Solar Powered, Waterproof GPS Tracker

WAIV XStream Lite is is our popular main stream water-proof GPS Tracker. 

 XStream Lite will help you run your boat rental company with no stress. Track every trip, improve customer satisfaction and receive text alerts for various events, such as capsizing or inverting. 

The product works with a monthly subscription to our fleet management service and web app. You can also charge it using the wireless battery charging accessory.

, GPS Tracking for Boats & Jet-Skis
Black and Turquoise Color Options

Stay Safe & Grow Your Business with WAIV

Our system will give provide the support you need to stay on top of your business. It will improve your customer experience, keep your inventory safe, and protect your business from risks that come with running a boat rental operation. We continuously improve our products and software, with the goal of helping you easily run and grow your boat rental business.


Our trackers dynamically adjusts the update rate based on motion, speed, change of direction, proximity to geofences, and intelligent predictions of the vessel’s movement.  

A vessel at high speed may update as often as once every 30 seconds, an industry-leading update rate. 

On the other hand,  if a boat moves at a very slow pace without changing bearing, the update rate is much lower. This saves you from having to sift through thousands of unnecessary GPS points to find the GPS data that you are looking for. Our customers are working in a fast paced environment and needs to get to the information they need very quickly. Our intelligent system lets them do just that.

Our generous return policy allows you to try WAIV with no risk and receive a full return if you are not happy with the trackers for any reason. Please follow this link for full details.

Many of our customers run seasonal operations and our pricing plans are tailored to their needs. We offer different subscription levels to accommodate for the variations in season, and the subscription can be adjusted from month to month. Please review our product page for pricing details.

The WAIV SoundAlertSystem is designed for precisely that.

Based on geo-fences that you can draw with your finger on a mobile phone, the WAIV device will emit a loud sound whenever a driver is exceeding the set speed limit or enters a no-go zone.

This is a safe, yet very effective way to keep renters within the speed limit.

And the sound alerts work even if the boat is outside mobile coverage area. 

Our trackers work in almost every country in the world. Please contact us for information regarding the specific country you operate in.

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