5 Must-Haves Boat Rental Operators Need for Inexperienced Boat Renters

, 5 Must-Haves Boat Rental Operators Need for Inexperienced Boat Renters
Lifejackets of various sizes and colors.

In 2020, the world as we knew it came to a halt.

This thing called Covid took over the world. Everyone had to quarantine. Businesses had nonessential employees work from home. Children went to school on their computers.

People felt trapped and bored. They couldn’t hang out with friends and co-workers. This hurt boaters who love to party at yacht clubs, sailing centers, and on boats.

In 2021, lots of people suddenly realized boating was a Covid-safe family sport. These new boaters wanted the freedom to take off their mask and live a little. The only problem was most of them had no experience on the water.

Jonathan, who lives in Connecticut, decides to extend a business trip. He invites his family of five to join him for a family vacation. His wife, Nicole, loves the idea of an island picnic. But the only way to get there is to rent a boat.

This plan is almost perfect. It allows people to try out the boating lifestyle with little responsibility. There’s one problem, though. Now, there are more inexperienced boaters on the water.

Nicole is going to search the web and call your boat rental business. Are you ready for her?

Here are five key essentials she’ll need from the boat rental:

  1. Lifejackets – Nicole’s party will include five people, ranging in age from two to 85. Nicole is a good swimmer, but she’ll want clean lifejackets for everyone on board. Not to mention, she’ll need a throwable in case something goes wrong.
  2. Insurance – Always cautious, Jonathan has requested towing insurance. It doesn’t matter if it’s with Towboat U.S. or Sea Tow. Anything can happen. He just doesn’t want to be one of the boaters he’s read about who aground, run out of gas, and eve lose people overboard.
  3. Safety cards – A friend of Nicole’s mother told her there should be a notebook on the boat. This should explain how to handle the boat, turn the engine on/off, work the head, etc.
  4. Working VHF radio/GPS – For some reason, people believe their cell phones will work great out on the water. Not true. You’ll need to teach people how to use VHF radios. Remind them to release the button after they speak to hear the other person. And show them how to activate their boat’s GPS system in an emergency.
  5. Fire Extinguishers – Recently, the United States Coast Guard (USCG) released an update about fire extinguishers. The new law goes into effect April 20, 2022. You must replace all fire extinguishers more than 12 years old. Your fire extinguishers must be “Marine Type – USCG Approved” and have the Underwriters’ Labs (UL) stamp of approval.

Nicole and Jonathan did their homework before renting a boat. Other renters may not take the time to do this. Either way, it behooves you to take care of them. The USCG could board their boat if they have a problem or become stranded, which cost you lots of fines.