, GPS Fleet Management Web App

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Finally, a GPS Platform Purely Designed For Boat + Watercraft Rental Businesses

WAIV’s app is unmatched when it comes to provide a full overview of your entire fleet at a quick glance.

Many competing fleet management platforms are built on software that are primarily designed for cars, trucks and transportation logistics.  A few boat related customization options are added, and presto, a boat rental platform is born.

At WAIV, we don’t believe that approach provides an effective and/or easy-to-use solution, as they are cluttered features not relevant to your business and have a steep and cumbersome learning curve.

Our platform is designed from the ground up for boat and watercraft rental businesses. We work with customers like you on a daily basis, and we know that you oftentimes don’t have much time to learn yet another complicated software platform. And even less to teach your temp staff how it works at the start of every single season.

Weather you are a boat rental business owner, manager or dockhand, our WAIV app is designed to be intuitive, powerful and easy to understand with little to no training.

Our app is completely web based. Which means that you don’t have to ask your staff to install or update any apps from the Apple Store or Google Play.

Simply go to https://app.waiv.co, with practically any phone, tablet or computer to get started using the app right away.

, GPS Fleet Management Web App

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