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How-To Video Tutorials

Watch our quick and easy step-by-step video tutorials to get started with our easy-to use-software

Getting Started

This video provides an introduction to the cloud based WAIV Fleet Management App. You will learn how to access the app through your browser, how to view GPS routes trip by trip, and how to add new boats/cars to your account.

Geofencing & Text Alerts

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to add different types of geofences, e.g. “No-Go Zones” and speed limit zones. I’ll also show how to setup alerts, so that you can receive text alerts to your phone in case a boat/car enters a geo-fenced area or capsizes.

Managing Team Members

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to add new team members, so that anyone in your staff can view the fleet and receive text alerts to their own phones. Permission levels can be set so that e.g. “managers” have the ability to add boats and geofences, whereas seasonal staff may be restricted to view, but not modify any settings.