WAIV XStream PRO (2023)


WAIV XStream PRO (2023) is the boat rental industry’s most versatile, solar powered, water-proof GPS tracker. Our patented GPS tracking system, made specifically for boat and jet-ski rental operations, provides everything you need to stay on top of your rental fleet.

Our built-in siren alerts your renters if they are speeding or entering a no-go zone.

The WAIV XStream PRO comes with plenty of connectivity options that allows you to continously monitor e.g. the boats battery level or the status of the bilge pump or engine ignition.


WAIV XStream PRO is our latest solar powered, water-proof GPS tracker for boat rentals.

The 2023 upgrade comes with a number of improvements from the previous generation (WAIV XStream SoundAlert)

Like before you can install it with no wiring at all – a benefit of the solar panel and built-in siren.

In addition, the WAIV Xstream PRO provides a number of external connectivity options.  Including inputs for external power, analog signals, and outputs for an additional external siren or light strobe.

Automatic Over-the-Air (OTA) Software Upgrades

Our new models support OTA upgrades. This means that you will automatically receive software upgrades (a.k.a. firmware) to the device

We work continuously and relentlessly to improve and add new features to our tracker software, and now you can receive all the benefits of this work without the need to replace the tracker.

The WAIV XStream PRO includes our built-in sound alert system which tells the customer that they’re breaking the rules when speeding or entering a no-go zone. It reduces friction with the customer and keeps your fleet safe.

  • Mobile Connectivity: 4G/5G CAT-M1, NB-IoT, 2G GSM, EDGE, GPRS

  • GNSS (GPS,GLONASS and BeiDou/Compass, Galileo, QZSS)

  • Solar Powered

  • External power (5V or 12V options)

  • 2 Analog Inputs (for continous monitoring of, for example, the boat’s main battery, bilge pump operation or engine ignition status)
  • Output for external siren or strobe light
  • Motion Detection: Gyroscope, Accelerometer, Compass.

  • 2-Way Communication

  • Buttons

    • Battery Check

    • “Share My Location” Button

    • Custom Button

  • LEDs

    • Custom LED 1 (Blue)

    • Custom LED 2 (Blue)

    • Battery Level (Green)

    • Charging Level (Yellow)

    • Signal Strength (Red)

  • Additional Sensors: Temperature, Sun Exposure

  • Waterproof


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Monthly Subscription

Each GPS tracker requires a monthly service subscription that includes mobile data, and access to our easy-to-use web app. Switch subscription levels month-to-month to fit your seasonal needs:

$ 6
$ 16
$ 1

Purchase your tracker today, and we’ll set up your mobile
subscription once you have received the product.

Includes 100 text messages per device per month for US subscriptions.
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